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Dog Fitness Services in Los Angeles


Dog Walking Services in Los Angeles


Our potty strolls are what most dog walking services classify as a ‘dog walk’. We take your canine on a stroll around your neighborhood where they’ll have the opportunity to alleviate themselves, take in the local scents, stretch their legs, and bond with one of our handlers while getting a bit of cardio in. Rest assured that during their time with us, your canine companion will be benefit from calm, assertive leadership focused on reinforcing positive behavior befitting of a well-mannered dog!

Fitness Walk


The reality is, most ‘dog walks’ do not provide sufficient exercise for our canine friends. Our Fitness Walks take dog walks to the next level by adding a weighted pack to your dog for their outing. Our handlers will create a plan for your canine to slowly introduce weight to their regimen to ensure safety, comfort, and ease. By using weighted packs, our canine friends enjoy double the workout in half of the time! For outings with a limited time-frame, this is an excellent way to help your canine burn some of their excess energy. It’s also a great way to build muscle and endurance! Fitness Walks are a wonderful solution for restless dogs that could benefit from a boost to their workout routine to help them relax and become more content in the household.   

Dog Hiking Services in Los Angeles


Our canine friends are descendants of the grey wolf. In nature, their ancestors track game over miles relying on their powerful sense of smell and incredible endurance. City Treks are dog hikes that help our canine friends to tune into their inner-wolves by engaging them in rigorous exercise, while providing them with the opportunity to stimulate their senses in nature. Our handlers will provide a round-trip experience to lightly to moderately trafficked trails in the city, where your canine companion will be balanced psychologically, through the narration of their behavior; emotionally, through a loving connecting with our handlers, and; physically, by a trek that is personalized to challenge their specific fitness needs.

Adventure Excursions


We offer 4 different adventure excursions that take your dog on a field trip outside of the city and into the heart of nature. Much like our City Treks, our handlers provide a round-trip experience, only this is an adventure like none other! We lovingly narrate your dog’s entire experience with us, helping them to learn to communicate in a refreshingly new way, while developing an unforgettable bond. We brush up on boundaries by coaching your canine companion to think and self-regulate, while forging our way through challenging terrain, pushing your dog to new fitness limits. During our mid-adventure breaks, we provide complimentary refreshments to help our canine friends refuel, as well as indulge them in massages to help them recover and relax. After one of our Adventure Excursions, your dog is sure to come home tired, happy, and a well-balanced member of the family!

Potty Strolls
Fitness Walk
City Treks
Adventure Excursions




Here at Paw Treks, we’re all about our canine friends! Building a loving relationship with your canine companion is of the utmost importance to us. For this reason, we meet with all of our new clients and their canine companions in a complimentary consultation prior to providing any services. During our consultations, we get a better idea of your canine companion’s needs, how to best work with your schedule, as well as make sure our new canine friend’s first experience with us is as stress-free as possible by giving them an opportunity to get to know us before they head out on any outings.


Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  

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