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-    Burns excess energy
-    Strengthens muscles and improves mobility
-    Enhances cardiovascular system
-    Improves endurance
-    Maintains strong bones and increases bone density
-    Prevents premature aging
-    Pumps toxins out of the body

World-renowned dog behavior expert, Cesar Millan, maintains that a balanced K9 is one that is fulfilled in all three aspects of its being: body, mind, and heart.  We couldn’t agree more!


Dogs were developed by humans to fulfill specific jobs, many of which include work in some capacity or another. Regardless of whether you have a pure or mixed breed dog, your companion’s lineage is connected to purpose. Many of our K9 friends were intended to hunt, pull sleds and carts, protect livestock and homes, flush out rodents and vermin, herd livestock, and to provide companionship.  


Unfortunately, many of our K9 friends no longer get to perform the jobs their instincts drive them to do. This can lead to excess energy and frustration, which often manifests in ways that impact not only the physical health, but also the mental health of our cherished companions. We see this in overly hyper dogs, K9s that don’t listen to their human companions, dogs that resort to destructive behavior, the list goes on.


Our adventures take our K9 friends out of the city and into nature so that they can receive much needed balance through vigorous exercise, fresh stimulus, and attentive companionship.

In a nutshell:  they get a sense of performing work.