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Celebrity Dog Walker in Los Angeles



With over 17 years of canine experience, Lydia is dedicated to helping human companions enrich the lives of their canines.


While growing up, Lydia always had a passion for dogs. As a preteen, she would literally run to the library on the weekend so that she could read about various breeds, training methods, care, the list goes on!


In 2001, Lydia channeled her passion for dogs into a position as a kennel attendant at a veterinarian hospital in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). She quickly became known for her soothing effect on dogs and her unique ability to connect with even the most anxious and fearful canines.


As a result of her natural abilities with dogs, Lydia soon became a groomer’s aide and veterinary assistant, in addition to her role as kennel attendant. 


Over the years, Lydia has worked with canines in a variety of capacities, which has allowed her to expand her expertise and experience exponentially. 


During her most recent role as a lead dog handler for a renowned celebrity dog coach and behaviorist in Los Angeles, California,

Lydia had an epiphany:  we as human companions so often fail to meet our canine’s innate need to be balanced by and stimulated in nature. Moreover, while many of us are aware that countless breeds were intended to fulfill specific duties and responsibilities, we fail to honor the instinctual traits of our canine friends by not consistently challenging them physically and psychologically. 


This led her to create Paw Treks. She views Paw Treks as the perfect opportunity to not only use her natural ability to meaningfully connect with canines, but to also challenge their physical and psychological needs in the great outdoors.

Ultimately, helping our canine friends to truly live their best lives!

Celebrity Dog Walker in Los Angeles
Celebrity Dog Walker in Los Angeles


Cairo is the beloved furkid of Paw Treks. He was abandoned by his previous family and found by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. Sadly, Cairo eventually became slated for euthanasia. It was then that his case was brought to the attention of I Stand With My Pack (ISWMP), a rescue organization dedicated to removing dogs from high risk kill shelters, and assisting them through the rehabilitative process, while searching for their forever homes. ISWMP pulled Cairo from the clutches of certain death and placed him into their foster care program.


One week later, his adoption coordinator scheduled a meet a greet with a prospective new family:  Lydia Nattey and her devoted spouse. It was truly love at first sight! Though sad and unsure of himself, Cairo leaned into the couple and stuck by their sides throughout the entire meet and greet. His loving, yet melancholic spirit left an impression on the couple they couldn't shake. Two days later, on March 30, 2019, his adoption paperwork was processed and his fees were paid!

During the first week of living in his new home, it became quite clear that Cairo had been abused in his past. Though it broke the couple's hearts, it informed the delicate approach they would need to take to assist in his rehabilitation. 

Today, Cairo is a well-adjusted and happy member of the Nattey household. He is also the proud trail guide and cherished furkid of Paw Treks. Cairo enjoys scouting trails with Lydia for his pals, and assisting during excursions as a companion trekker for other canines. He also thoroughly enjoys lazing about the house with his human companions, and destroying his many toys.

Want to know more about Cairo? Feel free to join his community on Instagram:  @cairotherescue


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