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The Scoop

Paw Treks is a premier adventure-based company for canines, that specializes in enhancing the healthy lifestyle needs of our canine friends by taking them outside of the city of Los Angeles and immersing them in nature on adventure hikes and excursions.

In doing so, our canine friends enjoy improvements to their physical and mental health, while satisfying their natural instincts. Meaning, our friends go home feeling valued, rejuvenated, and tired!


We love seeing our canine friends switch gears over the course of their adventures from city dogs to in tune with their instincts.

They have the rare opportunity to let loose and be dogs, and our clients love seeing their canine companions return home balanced and content. 



YES YES YES for Lydia and Paw Treks! My dog is in love with his adventure hikes, and Lydia is the absolute best when it comes to dogs. She understands behaviors, knows a dog's limitations, and treats my boy as though he were her own. She texts me when they're at the location, so I know they're safe. She takes a break halfway through the hike, so my dog can't get some rest. She sends me pics when she can, and by the time he comes home, he is ABSOLUTELY WIPED! 

This service is seriously one-of-a-kind. I highly recommend Lydia because she is trustworthy and KNOWS DOGS...pretty much speaks dog! When I say your dog will love this, I truly mean it. So worth it, over and over again:)

Jessalyn Wanlim, American Actress (Orphan Black, Working Moms)