Our passion is the canine soul.


We are devoted to helping human companions enhance the healthy lifestyle needs of their canines so that they too, can live their best lives.


Our adventures are grounded in mindful connection and stimulation.

We strongly believe in not only engaging the physical needs of our canine friends, but in nourishing their psychological and emotional well-being as well.


All canines deserve to be cherished.

During our adventures, we provide the guardianship and care that we would want for our own canine companions; nothing less is an option for us.



Jessalyn Wanlim

YES YES YES for Lydia and Paw Treks! My dog is in love with his adventure hikes, and Lydia is the absolute

best when it comes to dogs. She understands behaviors, knows a

dog's limitations, and treats my boy

as though he were her own... 

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Gabriela Fresquez 

Lydia is amazing with my beagle/bulldog mix, Mercutio! I’ve used her service three times so far and every time, he comes back absolutely pooped (in the best way possible). He is a BALL of energy (he’s 5 years-old and still has the energy of a...

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